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Knitting Technology

Our Knitting

Refirmance has been manufacturing the knitting supports since 1982.
The mainly equipments in the factory are the circular knitting and flat knitting machines which includes 65 different kinds of knitting machines. The average export are around 200,000 pieces per month so far and the maximum production capacity can reach to 350,000 pieces a month. Refirmance is the biggest manufacturer on the knitting supports in Taiwan. 


Knitting machine since 1982 Tension Control Device The High-Efficiency  Double-Cylinder  Circular Knitting Machine
Knitting machine since 1982
Tension Control Device
The High-Efficiency 
Circular Knitting Machine 
In contrast to other manufacturer, the leading technologies we have are the structure of knitting, jacquard design and the compression level. Refirmance has had 30 years experiences on “how to design the best wearing knee supports”  and “providing the suitable products for the customers”.These experiences make Refirmance grow continuously and also be highly acknowledged by many renowned companies. 
Due to the mature and well-developed technology of the circular knitting products, Refirmance has also devoted to the development of flat knitting products in recent years and entered medical market. 


Competitive Price

Refirmance manufactures with the way of mass production, and purchases the yarn for lower prices at large quantity. By the perpendicular integration of the procedure for the knitting supports, all the working process is proceeded in the factory, from purchasing, knitting, cutting, steaming, sewing, packing and finally to shipping. The competitive cost of Refirmance also comes from the high- efficient production line.

Raw Materials

All the raw materials Refirmance uses are tested by Oeko-Tex Standard 100.
So far, the yarn Refirmance has used are 14 styles, 30 colors, 8 types of specifications and 10 kinds of the elastic yarn with different thickness. Recently, Refirmance has been devoting to promote the latex-free products. Although the cost of the products is higher, the advantages of elasticity, durability, and the non-allergy gain the successively adoption by the international renowned companies and it also becomes a trend in the market. Moreover, for satisfying the customers with different positioning towards products, Refirmance also offers the quotations with different kinds of materials. The customers can not only find the low-end retailing products at low prices for large quantity, but the high-end orthopedic products are available from Refirmance as well.
Type of Yarn:
Nylon / Mircofiber / Polyester / Cotton / Rayon / Arrylic / Bamboo / Far-infrared / Moisture-Wicking / Warmer Fiber / Cooler Fiber / Anti-Microbial



Before shipping products to our customers, every knitting support from Refirmance will be passed by four quality examination after the knitting process.
The points of the examination includes the specification of the products, flatness of the products, cleanliness of the products, colors, sewing, and cutting the useless thread.
In the knitting supports industry, the specification is the most important part. Wrong specification will influence the fitting range and result the uncomfortableness or unfitness. Whereas, the most difficult part for mass production is all the products should be conformed to the correct specification.

The key factor in the changeable specification is elastic yarn which is often influenced by the places of origin, covered yarns, the types of machines, humidity and temperature. However, the experiences Refirmance has overcome these different kinds of variables and has built up a set of inspect standards. That is why Refirmance can continuously supply the high quality knitting products for the customers.

Elastic Products in OEM and ODM

The strong supports which Refirmance offers are the products in OEM and ODM. Not only the fabrics with many kinds of choices, but also the ability to integrate with other accessories for the special development. What’s more, in order to make the products development with smoother processes, Refirmance makes the time shorten by providing the testing results and numerous experiences for the customers.

Elastic Support-3D

Classification of Knitting Products

Basic level - Two ways elastic supports :
Economic knitting supports, as the basic knitting products for brand customers.
Medium level -  Four ways elastic supports :
Advanced knitting supports: produced with mixed yarn which brings better elasticity and feeling. It’s also the common health care products in the market.
High level- customized design :
The special customized pattern design with the latex-free elastic yarn. No matter on the comfort, durability and compression elasticity, it will be the high-end products in the market.
Premier level- 3D flat knitting :
By using the special 3D knitting to approach the most comfortable ergonomics, flat knitting is mainly applied to the medical orthopedic products which can be matched with different kinds of yarns to achieve the various compression sections on the same support.

Classification of Knitting Products

3D Flat knitting products

The flat knitting products are the most premier level knitting supports.
The 3D fabrics of the flat knitting supports could conform to the ergonomics, which means it won’t be shifting and slipped off easily when doing the activity. Also, the flat knitting supports can be designed as various compression levels to increase stability the partial sections. Its special knitting technology which has been confirmed on medically could improve the proprioception and help the process of the rehabilitation.


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