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Only the innovative products could reveal the values of the company.
Having the experiences of cooperating with many renowned enterprises, we have deeply realized that “only the one who is willing to invest on the new products could make the longer business and stand out in the market”. Although we do not own the brand in the market, we concentrate on the roles of OEM and ODM and devote our manufacturing ability on providing the innovative technology and keeping the stable qualities for our customers. 
70% revenues come from the OEM products.
Having the OEM experiences for many renowned companies for 30 years, we pay attention to the communication with our customers and understand their requests. We are specialized in soft goods, and widely apply them to the sports injured protection, daily healthcare and the medical supports. Different from other manufacturers, we have the sufficient medical knowledge to design the products. Before finishing the products, all the materials and products will be passed by the inner inspection and fitting tests from our factory to make sure the products are conformed to customers’ expectation.

Increasing Products Value with our innovative ideas

Our philosophy is by providing our innovation to increase the customers’ products values and achieve both mutual benefits.
Due to our products spread in the different fields, we are able to apply the products to different fields and inspire more innovative ideas. The most important thing is, we always nourish the enthusiasm for bringing the new products to the industry. If you have any ideas or any questions, please do not hesitate to connect with us. We believe that we could provide you more competitive advantages on the products as long as you are willing to spend your time to know “Refirmamce”.

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How to Proceed?

Refirmance Athletic Protector Co. Contact Us 1.Contact Us Please contact with us and tell us your requirements for the products and also tell us the design you want and what fields are you selling to. We will offer you our ideas and the first concepts towards the products after the initial discussing with you.
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2.Providing the First
Sample and Selecting the
Raw Materials
After the initial discussing, we'll provide the first samples or the raw materials for your reference. The samples we provide for your choices will include different kinds of materials and the sewing methods and process ways. Meanwhile, you will receive the quotation for evaluating the cost of the products.
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Refirmance Athletic Protector Co. Modification 3.Samples Revision The repetitious samples revisions which according to the complexity of the products will last for several months. Before providing the samples, all the products will be passed by the inner inspection of the materials and fitting tests to make sure the products are conformed to customers’ requirements.
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Refirmance Athletic Protector Co. ok 4.Confirm then Mass Production After confirming the samples by customers, the products will be mass produced in accordance with the confirmed samples. None of the materials and working process will be changed afterwards. All the products from us are trusted by our customers.

Refirmance Athletic Protector Co. Material

Technologies We Provide

• Round Knitting and Flat Knitting • Metal Materials- Sprial stay, Aluminum stay, Hinge, ROM Hinge
• Plastic Materials- Injection Accessories • Different kinds of Neoprene, sponge and fabric lamination
• Elastic Band • Different kinds of elastic fabric and non-elastic fabric
• Gel and Silicone • Different kinds of PU and PU molding
• Different kinds of EVA and EVA molding • Different kinds of sponges and sponges molding.
• Sewing • Cutting
• High Frequency and Supersonic • Logo Printing
• Products Packing  

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